Connect RWikis by SOAP

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Last modified: Fri Oct 31 10:54:03 +0900 2008


This is included in RWiki Extension Kit(Sorry, Japanese only). It can download at here.

This works at here.

Do you want to copy a page from other RWiki to your RWiki, or in a same RWiki? You can do it by installing rw-soap to your RWiki. rw-soap is for RWiki2. Please mail to me If you want it for RWiki.


In Below, I assum your RWiki2 is installed in ~/public_html/rwiki2.

  1. Exapnd rw-soap.tar.gz
    % tar xvfz rw-soap.tar.gz
  2. Edit some parts writing `SETUP' in rw-soap/rw-soap-server.rb
    % vi rw-soap/rw-soap-server.rb
    If you execute it as CGI (default), move it to the direcotry that can be accessed via HTTP.
    % mv rw-soap/rw-soap-server.rb ~/public_html/rwiki2/
    If you execute it as standalone server, move it to a appropriate direcotry, and start it before it accepts some connections by SOAP.
    % ruby rw-soap/rw-soap-server.rb
  3. Move rw-soap/rd/soap.rd to RWiki::DB_DIR. (not must.)
    % mv rw-soap/rd/soap.rd /path/to/RWiki::DB_DIR/
  4. Edit rw-soap/site/rw-soap-config.rb.
    % vi rw-soap/site/rw-soap-config.rb
  5. Move directory under rw-soap/site/ to the directory that has rwiki.rb, and rw-config.rb.
    % mv rw-soap/site/* ~/public_html/rwiki2/site/
  6. Add
    require 'rwiki/rw-soap'
    to rwiki.rb.